101: Painted Quilt Art - Patt Blair - January 25-29

Patt Blair www.pattsart.com or www.pattsart.blogspot.com

Painted Quilt Art Description   This class is perfect for those that don’t draw, don’t paint, but want to anyway.Bring an enlarged photo tracing from one of your own photos or chose from one of my ready to go contour drawings. To create your own drawing, go to pattsart.com and click on EZ Drawing button. (Also See Patt’s Ready To Go 18 x 24” Options viewable at www.pattsart.com via the button titled Workshops shown at near top of page) You’ll paint using TSUKINEKO fabric Inks and special stick applicators. My job will be to make you successful! J Quilting Segment Description: Using your already finished top, we’ll first review what quilt lines convey what messages. You’ll then create a quilting plan for your piece. Finally, you QUILT to your hearts content. Note: should you prefer to keep painting yet another project, that’s fine too.


Painted Quilt Art Supply List

Painting Supplies:
1. Regular point and ultra fine point black sharpie markers

2. Pencil and notebook for taking notes

3. Appx a fat quarter of white or off white scrap fabric..(to practice on)

4. Appx 1⁄2 yard of prepared for dyeing white fabric... OR 1⁄2 yard of washed plain white fabric. ( A high thread count...like Hoffman pattern 1377 is wonderful.) If bringing your own project drawing, fabric will need to be appx 2 inches larger on all sides of your drawing. (For sale Fabric available in class.)

5. Fabric and Paper Scissors
6. Masking or painters tape
7. 1 smooth surface large white plastic trash bag (like for tall kitchen cans)

8. A few Paper Towels in case of a rare spill

9. If painting your own project from your photo, bring clear focus color photo (8” x 10” size) of what you wish to paint and your related enlarged drawing. You might want to keep your first painting project manageable in size... i.e. around 18 x 20. Go to www.pattsart.com and click on EZ drawing method for pictorial instruction on how to get ready in advance. If you do not wish to create an original drawing, you may chose from one of my ready to go contour drawings for a $5 price each.

10. If you already own Tsukineko inks and markers and wish to, please bring them. They will also be available for sale in class .   All Purpose Tsukineko Inks are also available thru jukeboxquilts.com, softexpressions.com, or dharmatrading.com.

11. Bring an empty gallon size zip lock plastic bag for transporting inks home..  

Optional items :

  1. Some enjoy painting on an art board that can be propped on their lap against the edge of a work table. I don’t do this, but if you wish to do so, bring a board (around 20” x 30” is fine).... Foam boards work.
  2. A white plastic picnic plate to mix on should you wish to mix inks.. I rarely do this.
  3. Acrylic watercolor brushes if you already own and you prefer brushes over fiber stick applicators

Tsukineko inks /markers /drawings in class

Inks ,applicators, markers, and ready to go drawings are available in class. Inks and markers used vary from 6 to 14 on Patt’s drawings.  See www.pattsart.com, workshops/ click on ready to go drawings icon  to see examples of Patt’s available drawings… She’ll bring a couple new ones 2.

 Quilting Supplies:

1.Your piece you wish to quilt

2.a.  A couple sheets large Tracing Paper (larger is better) or clear acetate/ or vinyl clear tablecloth equal to or greater size than your painted project.

3  If using tracing paper, a small set of Prismacolor pencils

If using acetate or vinyl, one or 2 dry erase markers

4. Quilters Safety pins or Sulky KK2000 temp spray, rotary cutter/ruler & cutting board

5.  You might want 2 or 3 practice quilt sandwiches made up of 2 solid fabrics and a batting... about 18" x 18”

6. Color Assortment of Polyester or Rayon Finishing Threads you might use on your quilt top

7. Bobbin Thread (I tend to use monofilament)
8. Manual Pencil Sharpener, notebook/Pen for notes
9.  Optional Table top lamp with multi-plug extension cord with surge protection
10. Your Sewing Machine (in good working order. bring your manual too)
11. Basic Sewing Supplies (Machine needles, fabric and paper scissors, seam ripper, etc.)

12. Backing Fabric and Batting and a sheet to cover your work at night

patt@pattsart.com ( Mar. 2015)


Cost: $ 625.00